What It Takes To Start A Successful Blog That Makes You Money In 2021

Having trouble starting your own blog? Does it seem impossible to get started? The good news is that starting a blog in 2021 is probably easier than it has ever been. I’ve been there.

I will show you how to start a blog in just over one week, so don’t waste your time reading those in-depth posts that seem impossible to follow. You can start your own blog for less than $3/month in just a few simple steps.

To be fully transparent, I must state that this post contains affiliate links (I only recommend products and services I use and trust ) through which I may earn a small commission to maintain this blog if you purchase through them at no additional cost to you. Read my disclosure for more information.

Tip Number One: Getting Started With A Blog – Why, What and Who

You’re probably quite keen to start blogging if you are reading this. Congratulations, I think you are doing an amazing thing!

I want you to take three minutes to answer these three questions before we switch into the specific details of how to accomplish this:

Question Number One: Why do you want to start blogging? 

You may want to start a blog for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you are looking for an outlet to express yourself, or perhaps you want to engage with your current and potential customers in an informal, direct manner. It does not matter which answer you choose! However, you must clearly define your blog’s purpose before you start writing it. This will allow you to accomplish the second task.

Question Number Two: What would you like to blog about?

It’s important to decide what topics to write about before starting an online blog. This is also known as your blogging niche, and it will determine your entire blog focus, as well as what you will be known for in the online world.

In my case, starting this blog took a lot of experimentation for me, as I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to blog about. I learned, however, that narrowing it down as I went along was fine.

Choose a blog name that will allow you to change topics when you decide what to blog about if you aren’t entirely sure what your blogging niche is going to be. Initially, I started as a motivational blog, but my blog allowed me to become a marketing strategist without changing my brand.

Start by brainstorming some possible blog topics based on things you want to be known for, and think about important categories in which you want to blog! You must also keep in mind that if you want your blog to be able to generate income for you, it must address a specific issue, problem, or niche interest of your audience.

Listed below are examples of blog niches that can generate some income for you:

  • Camping, RVing, travel & activities blogs
  • DIY & household Projects 
  • Tips for New Parents
  • Interests-based blogs (hobbies like cooking, gardening, sports, etc)
  • Business and finance 
  • Blogs that assist with specific issues or provide info on a particular subject
  • Interior design and décor 
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Question Number Three: Who is your target audience

Here is what you should consider and put to the test: You should avoid spending time, money, and effort on a blog if you only plan to write for yourself. Instead, you can keep a diary or create a free blog. If you wish to engage with people, promote your brand, or help someone overcome a challenge you have previously solved, narrowing it down to who your ideal audience is crucial. 

Having a blog appears to be a good way to show off both your experience and creativity, consider how you can add value to others with your knowledge and skills, and make a list of the people you think you can help. You can bring clarity to your idea by writing down your answers on paper and thinking about them. In this way, you’ll be able to get your blog off to an excellent start and keep it there.

Tip Number Two: The best way to start blogging & how to set that up

Begin by purchasing Blog Hosting

In my assumption, the purpose of creating a blog is to express yourself and do so without any restrictions. There are many free blogging platforms such as WordPress.com or Blogger but these platforms have a lot of limitations, and all of the content that you publish belongs to them. Furthermore, most of these platforms don’t allow you to make money from them and have limitless restrictions on how you can design your blog. Buying hosting gives you the freedom to “host” your website on the internet, that is to say, you will own it, monetize it, and customize it exactly how you want it to look.

To turn your blog into a success, you must make a small investment. Self-hosting was the best decision I made for my blog and it cost me as little as $4 to $20/month. The hosting company I find to be the most reliable and best among most others is Bluehost. The servers they use have excellent security and I can see why many big bloggers choose to host their websites there. Customers are well-served by their customer support team, who go above and beyond to answer any questions. Setting everything up is simple, too. 

Here are just a few reasons to choose Bluehost over another hosting provider:

  • WordPress recommends Bluehost as its number one hosting provider. 
  • They provide your domain name for free for the first year (this is your .com URL). 
  • Google is more likely to find you with them since they are SEO-optimized. 
  • You can easily integrate and install WordPress with one click with them. 
  • Thousands of plugins are available that you can use to customize your blog with WordPress.
  • There is no better hosting company out there at their price and reliability.

Getting started with Bluehost:

  • Choose your hosting plan
  • Enter your free domain name (which is also your blog title). In this section you will type the URL you will use to access your website, that is the title of your blog. Don’t use hyphens or numbers, and make sure it is .com. Also, make sure it is available on the social media platforms you’re planning to use, and ensure it isn’t similar to other blogs.
  • Register for an account. Set up a new account or connect with your Google account and ensure that your information is secure. Following your completion, you can log in to your Bluehost dashboard with this information.
  • You can reduce the price of any extras you will not use by de-selecting them.
  • Confirm your order and pay for it. You can choose how you want to pay here. I considered making the payment in full for 36 months to show my dedication to my blog and to make sure I received the best deal.

Simply enter your card information and you are good to go! You can get 24/7 live support if you wish to transition from a free site to self-hosted or if you encounter any issues. You can ask any questions you might have using the Chat icon.

Get started on building your website

Since your hosting account has already been created, it is now time to install a blogging platform that will allow you to customize your website’s appearance and post new content.

With Bluehost, you can build your website as easily as picking a free theme. That way, you save time and don’t have to worry about installing WordPress yourself! It is also possible to switch to a new theme or upload your own.

A theme is a way of presenting your blog as a whole, presenting your posts in a compatible format, and establishing the foundation of your blog. Although it’s possible to modify the overall design at any time, the convenience of using an already-built theme eliminates the need to know of any programming.

You don’t need a technical background, no complicated setup. It’s never been easier to create a website. Bluehost makes that easy (yep, you read that right):

Once they have installed WordPress for you, the next step is to choose a free website theme from their library of templates. Any time you wish, you can update this without affecting your content. If you want to purchase a new theme, later on, you will even be able to modify it in the future.

Following this, you can start building your blog and modifying its themes to suit your specific needs! A few clicks are all it takes to change pretty much anything.

Before launching your website, you can work behind the scenes and see what the site will look like. You can write your posts there, make any changes you want to your website, and track your comments and statistics there.

The dashboard is similar to what you probably know from your free WordPress blog. Check out some online tutorials if you don’t know how to go around it. The learning curve should not be too steep before you are living the life of a blogger.

Choose a theme for your blog

Your blog is up and running now! Congratulations! 

If you want your blog to be a success, you must make it look like a blog before discussing the details of growing your blog and creating killer content.

Getting a professional theme will help you achieve this. In 2021, setting up a blog is super straightforward, since you won’t need to know how to code. Depending on your budget, you can either employ someone to make you a custom website theme or rely on a readymade one. While there are some lovely themes available for integration with WordPress, their popularity has increased due to their availability of free and premium themes.

You can skip this step if you’re happy with the theme you chose previously.

Consider searching for a separate theme that corresponds to the style and personality of your blog and purchasing that. I recommend BluChic as they provide the best themes that also come with post-installation assistance. They also offer add-on templateslanding pagesCanva templates, and more.

It is up to you to choose a template that you want to use on your blog, purchase it, and upload it to WordPress. I promise it is much easier than you may think.

A file will be available to you once you have purchased the theme. Adding the theme to your blog is as simple as going to your WordPress dashboard > the “Appearance” tab > “Themes” section > “Add New” button > “Upload Theme” > Installing it after it uploads. It should look something like this:

Do not worry if you’ve already started posting. You won’t lose any of your posts, comments, or overall content if you change your theme. The website’s appearance will simply be changed.

Build Your Blog with Content

From a technical standpoint, your blog is now ready for blogging. In order to be successful as a blogger, you must have quality content.

Your blog should now have some categories related to the niche of your blog. Now comes the challenging part, particularly for new bloggers, but you will become a professional blogger in no time once you start understanding it.

The next thing you need to do is to pick out 3-5 blog post ideas around your chosen categories that your readers will find interesting, and then you should write them out and upload them before you publish your blog.

You should also make an effort to post quality articles in your first year of blogging, aiming to reach 100 posts.

You can rank for topics that bring free traffic to your site and grow your blog by doing keyword research and writing content in one month that is as long as a whole year’s worth of blog posts.

As a final note, build on what you’ve learned so you can achieve success as a blogger

In my first year as a blogger, I only got one piece of great advice: just start and figure out the technical details later.

If you are thinking of starting a blog in 2021 just do it! You will figure it all out in time if you remain motivated and open to learning! It’s not necessary to know everything about blogging before you begin, otherwise, you might never do it.

So before you become overwhelmed with information, just follow the first two tips above and start your blog!

Truthfully. Starting my own blog was the best decision I ever made, and I can’t wait to see what opportunities it will open for you! That is a big part of this blog post, as I want to leave you with excitement for what lies ahead! My procrastination and the excessive amount of information almost prevented me from starting. So please just go for it!

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