The reason I started blogging

I started blogging because of the love I had for writing. Writing is a way for me to express my artistic side while juggling a corporate job as a working new mom. Sharing a few of my life experiences and knowledge, I realize that I can impact businesses and individuals. 

My Mission

I believe in the empowerment that comes from sharing your experiences, no matter how positive or negative. I hope the tools and resources on this blog will help you in your digital endeavors, whether you are an online business owner, blogger, or marketing strategist. I hope you will find answers to whatever questions you might have about digital marketing, generating leads/increasing sales, SEO, blogging, and customer relationship management.

Hi, I’m Caroline. A well-versed Project Manager, Freelance Writer and New Mom. On this blog I will share tips and advice on marketing, blogging, SEO, and online entrepreneurship. What are we waiting for? Let’s dive in!

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