Affiliate Disclosure

Hello, welcome to my personal blog, where I share marketing ideas and strategies.

Better” is a real business, not a hobby and for that reason, It is only fair to be transparent & professional with you. I would like to disclose that I have included certain products and links on this website from third parties (e.g amazon)

The site receives compensation(at no cost to you) from the companies whose product I recommend or review. Although I get commissions for each and every purchase you make through my links, I only recommend or review products or services that I have either used or have thoroughly Investigated.

The aim of these links is to expose you to products I feel will bring value to you and in exchange earn a commission to sustain this website. I am not given any free products or services by these companies in exchange for mentioning them on my site.

Any product claim, statistics or presentations about the product or service should be verified with product providers.

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